Collaborate with us to advance neurotechnology and AI that increase human agency.

Our mission is to empower innovators and scientists to create the next generation of neurotechnology and responsible AI that increase human agency. We are here to provide support, resources, and open-source software to the brightest and most creative minds in the community.

How do AE grants work?

What we support

We are proud to offer grants that support researchers whose projects will result in a public good. This can take the form of open-source tools, publicly available datasets, or educational tools. AE grants are designed to support public good projects that might otherwise be out of reach with conventional grants or commercial funding. If you are contributing to the advancement of neurotechnology or responsible AI, we want to hear from you!

What we offer

Our assistance is tailored to each recipient's unique needs and may include a combination of financial aid, data science, and software development services. We are committed to working closely with grant recipients to ensure their projects become a reality!

Who we are

Our team of experienced professionals consists of designers, user-research experts, data scientists, web developers, blockchain experts, neuroscientists, software developers, and more. We leverage our extensive client experience to ensure your project is a success and that the product is of the highest quality, meeting your objectives and providing maximum benefit to the community.

How to Apply

There is no required format for grant submissions, but we recommend keeping them concise (under 2 pages, ideally). Simply explain the importance of your work in the context of the current state of the field, how you’ll advance the state of the field, and what resources you need to make it happen. Please apply using the google form linked below.